What is friendship?

I am wondering what is friendship with some such fast pace life is going on with much stress and everybody seems to care for himself. I have tried to find old classmates and old friends but they seem to be not too enthusiastic to my approach. At the most it is only lukewarm except for some very close bosom mates. People are now literally bogged down by daily chores and have little time to relax or they just prefer to be left alone . So it seems friendship has lost most of its meanings and becomes rather obsolete. Now I think it is really important to keep some really good and caring friends so as to be able to make life more multifarious and beautiful. Well we just have to make ourselves happy so make others happy too and there we will find friends.

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Why Can’t We Keep Healthy?

We see all the helpful hints and guidance in the news media, radio,tvs,books etc abd yet we fail to lead a proper lifestyle that will ensure good physical and spiritual health. There are the common human weaknesses such as laziness, couldn’t care less attitude and charm of tasty food etc. Only when it comes to life and death , then we will be able to adhere to rules of health. It often times may be too late already. So while it is still time, don’t we pay more attention to take good care of ourselves!

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How To Deal With A Problem Child?

Nowadays, there are a lot of problem children as a result of the wrong system of education. Teachers are trying their best to push their students to get good results to maintain a good name for their school. Parents do all they can to groom their offsprings to be the top students . This is a cut-throat competition for good school results to gain a foothold in the more and more competitive world. Now there comes a very pressing need to solve the pressing problem of children being overwhelmed by the pressure of school work and private tuition and other extra classes for piano, ballot , swimming etc. As good parents, it is necessary to balance between studies and play. Give them time to relax and exercise to build up healthy bodies before you can have clear heads to do and absolve the terrible load of school works. If not, something will happen to the children and you may have to seek the help of consultants before the day is over!

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Though she has been set up by her former boyfriend, she has now come out refreshed and forward looking. That is why I do not regret for offending me former friend, the reckless and stubborn blogger because of my defense for her. He is not a saint nor a brave one for he has many a time run away from the scene when the situation got too hot. He maintains he is a lone ranger and has never fit into any Union, organisation not to mention political party. Partly because of his vainglory and self-glorification and false pride which comes from his low self-respect and bron-loser mentality. Let him be as he is nothing in the real action and good only as a roadside commentator. Shame on him for his repeated criticism of the brilliant lady politician of Selangor who should be praised for standing up against the evil scheming of the corrupted regime!

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It is a very important subject but a lot of people try to make this naive and childish. Some say if you believe in some supernatural being first then you will get blessing. Faith can change your life and with faith everything is possible including eternal life. If anything happens by accident for example, we are supposed to pray and leave it to the supernatural being because we do not know what has been intended and we are not supposed to question the intention. That is why some ill-intentioned bad guys can use this reasoning to mislead people to trust them and get them squeezed out of every cent and sometimes they themselves are being molested or sexually assaulted. Therefore, it is very important to have a scientific view and world outlook. Don’t fall into any falsehood and don’t take things for granted. You have to sow in order to reap. Don’t think you can get food from heaven above by praying. Try it until you mouth gets swollen or bleeding, you will still be without food and if you persist in this endeavor you would eventually die of hunger. There is no doubt about it. So we need to look and see and think hard in logical manner and do researches scientifically. Faith is not something which we can simply place on anything without verification and practice. Whatever claims and promises offered to you for placing you belief purely on good words, kind acts and friendship and all sorts of inducement would amount to just cheap propaganda . Watch our steps and walk with great caution and firm conviction on truth path which does not have any easy way out.

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What A Retirement Means?

To retire means to finish your working life but it may mean a lot more to many as it may mean withdrawal and end of social activities, secluded living . Some even go to the extreme and say that it means eating to keep alive, to sleep and wake up to eat. Waiting to eat, to live and to die seems to be all there is to the golden years.                                                             We can do a lot more than that of course. Only that we have to plan our retirement for ourselves and don’t place everything upon the mercy of others including all our dear ones. The greater the expectation naturally is followed by despair and disappointment. We have cared for our offsprings for the best part of our lives, we should now take care of ourselves also so as not to become a burden to those dear to us. Love ourselves more and enjoy while we can as we have delayed for too long to treat ourselves better. Now is the time to do what we cannot afford before and make our lives meaningful and enjoyable independently.

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Clean Out the Debrits

People like Wen Li San and Ng Kin Ho are mere opportunists from their past behaviour and not to be relied upon and they would turn out to be Hu Yuon Fons eventually when the crucial moment comes. The opposition camp must clean out these debrits and other opportunists firmly otherwise they would cause more trouble in future!                                        This is an outright case whereby the opposition representative has made great mistake to deviate from the party line and he does not even show the slightest regard to their party leadership and has taken an unenviable step to boost the other camp’s morale. This shows he is only bidding for time and the best rewards he would get to jump oerhoard.

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