Portrait of a Lone Ranger

An old lone ranger who is now also known as a born loser is now in a very confused state. When he was a student at the time when Sarawak was still a colony of Britain, he has been very quiet and not competitive. When he went into a Chinese Senior School he started to be restless and joined the then left-wing students movement. He was however not used to follow the leadership as he is very inquisitive by nature and  loner lifting himself up above the common folks . He was not successful in wooing either being rejected by his admired classmate as he is not particularly attractive and rather tongue tied in front of ladies. However he did lift up his moral by attacking a lady teacher who happened to be a descendant of Kuomintang’s general. He was nearly sacked for causing the trouble but he gained popularity which he was proud of like wearing laurels around his shrunken neck. In the students’ commotion, he usually stayed away from trouble to save his skin and it also suited him as a loner and lone ranger. He was by his born-loser nature, failed to take up a good opportunity of further study abroad being undecided and his habitual lousiness. He later drifted jobless for some years before taking up a teaching job in an unaided school. But due to the suppression of student and labour unrest, the school was closed down and he went to detention camp also. Fortunately or unfortunately, he could not supply any useful information to the special branch being loner by nature.                                                  Besides being a loner, he has very peculiar nature and character. He can be your bosom friend at this moment and in the next minute, he can suddenly turn sour and swear at you without the slightest provocation or reasonable excuse. He can use very dirty language and blackmail style to threaten his friend while refusing to answer phone calls and reject all chances of explanation or reconciliation. Further he can degenerate and fall to a very low taste by sending vulgar and mysterious emails just to annoy and threaten the recipient. And as if all those were still not enough, he even makes phone calls at early hours just to cause recipient sleepless and terribly disturbed.  The last action that did come from an old established columnist/writer is most unimaginable and totally destroyed his once cherished image.  He can be going to a lunatic asylum soon !

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Learning is a life long effort.
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