It is a very important subject but a lot of people try to make this naive and childish. Some say if you believe in some supernatural being first then you will get blessing. Faith can change your life and with faith everything is possible including eternal life. If anything happens by accident for example, we are supposed to pray and leave it to the supernatural being because we do not know what has been intended and we are not supposed to question the intention. That is why some ill-intentioned bad guys can use this reasoning to mislead people to trust them and get them squeezed out of every cent and sometimes they themselves are being molested or sexually assaulted. Therefore, it is very important to have a scientific view and world outlook. Don’t fall into any falsehood and don’t take things for granted. You have to sow in order to reap. Don’t think you can get food from heaven above by praying. Try it until you mouth gets swollen or bleeding, you will still be without food and if you persist in this endeavor you would eventually die of hunger. There is no doubt about it. So we need to look and see and think hard in logical manner and do researches scientifically. Faith is not something which we can simply place on anything without verification and practice. Whatever claims and promises offered to you for placing you belief purely on good words, kind acts and friendship and all sorts of inducement would amount to just cheap propaganda . Watch our steps and walk with great caution and firm conviction on truth path which does not have any easy way out.

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