What A Retirement Means?

To retire means to finish your working life but it may mean a lot more to many as it may mean withdrawal and end of social activities, secluded living . Some even go to the extreme and say that it means eating to keep alive, to sleep and wake up to eat. Waiting to eat, to live and to die seems to be all there is to the golden years.                                                             We can do a lot more than that of course. Only that we have to plan our retirement for ourselves and don’t place everything upon the mercy of others including all our dear ones. The greater the expectation naturally is followed by despair and disappointment. We have cared for our offsprings for the best part of our lives, we should now take care of ourselves also so as not to become a burden to those dear to us. Love ourselves more and enjoy while we can as we have delayed for too long to treat ourselves better. Now is the time to do what we cannot afford before and make our lives meaningful and enjoyable independently.

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