Though she has been set up by her former boyfriend, she has now come out refreshed and forward looking. That is why I do not regret for offending me former friend, the reckless and stubborn blogger because of my defense for her. He is not a saint nor a brave one for he has many a time run away from the scene when the situation got too hot. He maintains he is a lone ranger and has never fit into any Union, organisation not to mention political party. Partly because of his vainglory and self-glorification and false pride which comes from his low self-respect and bron-loser mentality. Let him be as he is nothing in the real action and good only as a roadside commentator. Shame on him for his repeated criticism of the brilliant lady politician of Selangor who should be praised for standing up against the evil scheming of the corrupted regime!

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1 Response to Congratulations!

  1. mahaha8 says:

    I think that lone ranger has mended his ways and he has turned more sensible now.

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